The most abused concrete floors are found in industrial facilities. Forklifts, truck traffic, steel-wheeled carts, pallet jacks, and heavy foot traffic are no environment for traditional coatings, like epoxies and urethanes. Coatings will scratch and fail under these conditions and become a maintenance problem. Tire marks burn into coatings creating an unsightly condition which cannot be remedied unless recoated. Coatings can also be very slippery unless an additive is used to create slip resistance. However, these abrasive additives can make it difficult to clean the floor.

The solution to these problems is polished concrete. Tire marks are virtually eliminated, there is nothing to peel or flake, and maintenance is inexpensive and easy. Light reflectivity will increase by up to 30%, providing more ambient lighting, a brighter work environment, and less energy to adequately light a space. Properly processed floors will also eliminate joint lippage (when one side of a joint is significantly higher than the other), lowering wear and tear on forklifts and carts.

For more information on options, please visit the “Polished Concrete Options” page.


*All images are of projects completed by Surface Technologies, Inc.