Why Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is mechanical grinding, honing, and polishing, combined with chemical densification to produce a dust-proof, light reflective, stain resistant, durable, and easily maintained finish. Polished concrete addresses many problems associated with bare concrete and traditional coatings (acrylics, urethanes, and epoxies).

Some of these problems include:

    • Concrete dusting, porosity, erosion and wear properties of bare concrete
    • Multiple reapplications (and associated costs and downtime)
    • Scratching, peeling, chipping, discoloration, tire marking, slipperiness of coatings
    • Coating bonding affected by moisture
    • Environmental concerns

The perfect solution to these problems is polished concrete. Some of the many benefits are listed below:

    • Hardening and abrasion resistance (300-400% increase)
    • Permanently dust-proof (eliminates efflorescence, the natural dusting of concrete)
    • Virtually eliminates tire marks
    • Lowest maintenance costs
    • Can be used in conjunction with dyes to create architectural and decorative concrete
    • Not affected by moisture
    • Increased reflectivity and greater ambient lighting
    • Higher coefficient of friction than coatings
    • Decrease in wear and tear on forklifts, due to uneven joints, etc.
    • Decrease in floor maintenance due to the smooth dense surface
    • Available to foot and forklift traffic immediately following the application, unlike coatings
    • The lowest 10 year life cycle cost of any flooring on the market (see chart below)
    • No need to strip and wax, eliminating significant costs and downtime
    • No VOC’s
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable, contributes to LEED Accreditation
10 Year Life Cycle Cost Comparison*
Polished Concrete Has the Lowest Per Square Foot Life Cycle Cost of Any Floor Covering or Coating
Polished Concrete $4.00-$6.50
Polished Concrete w/dye $5.00-$7.50
Acrylic $5.20 (minimum)
VCT $16.00-$20.00
Epoxy $16.50-$20.00
Carpet $17.50-$20.00
Terrazzo (epoxy) $18.00-$25.00
Terrazzo (cementitious) $19.00-$26.00
Linoleum $18.00-$25.00
Porcelain Tile $23.00