Polished Concrete creates a hardened, water repellant, and dust proof surface to your exposed concrete. It is not immediately impervious, however, and does require proper maintenance. This densified surface is very maintenance friendly.

No more harsh detergents, sweeping compounds, hours of scrubbing, and no more dusting concrete. All that is required to maintain the shine and seal on most floors is cleaning by wet mopping or automatic scrubbing machine, and the mild detergent/conditioner, CreteClean Plus (Call Surface Technologies at 412.749.6840 to order). In the case of concrete floors that are treated with a Guard sealer, reapplications of the material will be required based on the floor’s environment and usage.

What to Avoid

Do not use acidic or highly alkaline cleaners! Acidic detergents will etch the surface over time and dull the finish. Do not use aggressive scrubbing brushes. Stratagrit, nylogrit and other aggressive scrubbing brushes will alter the polish pattern and leave a dull appearance. Avoid contact with acids and salt. Also, avoid any detergents containing hydroxides or sulfates.

What to Use

CreteClean Plus is the recommended cleaning detergent. Unlike other cleaners, it is fortified with silicates so the floor is conditioned while it is being cleaned. Use soft brushes on the scrubbing machine. Black nylon brushes are sufficient, or a red or white pad. Scrub the floor to remove dirt and debris that can collect on the surface, covering the shine and creating a slippery environment. Spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. For serious spills and very greasy environments, follow the special instructions on the CreteClean Plus label.

To order CreteClean Plus, or for any questions regarding maintenance, please contact Surface Technologies.